Now let's get some points for rewards

As a small business owner, I am scratching my head every day to think of a way to make my customers be happier to make what they have to spend more valuable. After working on some research, it looks like reward points are more attractive. I am a customer myself, and I only pay on the items that worth my personal taste, if I can get points on every dollar I spend, and redeem points for something I want in the future, I would be way much happier for sure.

So here at URBAN LUPE online store, I am offering "In the Lupe" reward system, it is the simplest way to make you happier and make your dollar more worthy.

How to use:

Just sign up the program, then start earning points on every dollar you spend.

The way to earn

AUD $1 = 5 URBAN LUPE points

The way to use

$10 off = 625 points

$25 off = 1,250 points

$50 off = 2,500 points

$150 off = 5,000 points

$300 off = 8,000 points

$500 off = 10,000 points



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