RGT 15oz River Wash Supply Jacekt

Exciting news alert

As the only store carry wide selections of Rogue Territory items in Australia, there is a new jacket coming soon, and here are some special offers for my dear customer.


Rogue Territory will release a stone washed version Supply Jacket very soon, the style is called River Wash Supply Jacket.


The River Wash will be produced in their 15oz proprietary Indigo and Stealth selvedge denim Supply jackets. The process is a low-water use natural stone wash with no softener added. This process results in a sturdy denim jacket that feels like it has been worn and loved for decades, please find attached picture of the samples, the jacket is AUD $499 (inc GST)


Please let me know if you are interested to get one and the size you are wearing, and I will hold one for you.

You can contact us via E-mail service@urbanlupe.com.au

Here are the pictures of the sample for the River Wash Supply Jacket.



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