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Handcrafted Men’s Denim Jeans, Menswear for Australia Now Online

While advances in technology have created a forward-moving globalised society where mass-production is commonplace, in many areas, we have sacrificed craftsmanship quality to produce volumes that keep up with global demands. One industry that has been particularly affected by this shift in manufacturing trends is clothing. Whereas handcrafted men’s denim jeans used to be commonplace, most mainstream brands utilise low-quality textiles and machinery to produce their wares. These items do not last as long as their durable and long-lasting counterparts, handcrafted men’s jeans and apparel.

Increasingly, fashion-forward and ecologically conscientious individuals are turning back to handcrafted menswear in Australia for its longevity due to the use of sturdy materials and reinforced precision stitching. When you order domestically from URBAN LUPE, you save on international shipping costs and time.

URBAN LUPE: Authentic Americana Handcrafted Men’s Denim Jeans

Established in 2016 out of a lack for quality handcrafted menswear in Australia, URBAN LUPE sources primarily from the finest quality manufacturers in the USA to supply the Australian market with the latest in fashion-forward apparel. Our flare for this particular style had limited us to handcrafted menswear found online at astronomical international shipping rates. Dissatisfied, we wanted to make handcrafted menswear available to Australia by particularly focusing on handcrafted men’s denim jeans. Our research has led us to source handcrafted men’s jeans made of Japanese Selvedge denim which, when produced with care, provides the strongest durability and most comfortable wear.

We believe that supplying handcrafted menswear online to the Australian market will allow you to purchase fewer clothes, enjoy them longer, and thus keep the traditional textiles and clothing production trade alive. When you come into our store, you’ll experience a friendly environment where our staff are interested in hearing about your tastes and are eager to show you our latest arrivals. Our in-house barber shop gives you a real-life Americana experience while providing a comfortable place to lounge and have a nice chat.

Long-Lasting Brands for Work and Life

Just because a brand of handcrafted men’s jeans comes from the USA doesn’t guarantee its quality, nor does fabric choice. While there are many producers out there, we select from a limited pool of producers that meet our standards for quality, craftsmanship, and comfort. We proudly carry Rogue Territory’s SK, Stanton, and Strider lines, Railcar Fine Goods known for their taper jeans and canvas trousers, and Tellason based in the home of denim jeans, San Francisco, CA. Accent your look with elegant accessories from craftsman such as Bradley Mountain known for their canvas bags and leather goods and Austin’s Helm Boots known for their signature repairable white midsole.



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