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Handmade Men’s Denim Jeans and Menswear Available Online in Australia

Not all of society’s progressions have created better circumstances. Some trades, such as handmade men’s jeans and apparel, originally a skilled trade, have been pushed into a speciality market with dwindling participation. Mass-production and convenience packaging geared towards short-term usage has spiked the rate of waste in our landfills and pollution in our air and waters. Aside from increased pollution that comes with mass-production, the quality of products created from mass-production has deteriorated as we find faster and cheaper ways to manufacture goods.

Clothing is one such industry that has suffered in the face of globalised mass-production. It’s virtually impossible to find high-quality handmade menswear in Australia anymore. Stereotypically, the assumption is that men are less particular in their clothing choices and don’t care who makes their clothes. URBAN LUPE rejects this notion recognising instead that we prefer the handmade menswear we first found online. We have recognised a dream by bringing comfort-driven high-quality menswear that supports skilled craftsmanship to the Australian market.

URBAN LUPE: Decreasing the High Cost of Quality

We acknowledge that making handmade men’s denim jeans is labour-intensive requiring precision stitching through thick fabric. We understand that it is easier for mainstream companies to produce the volume demanded while sacrificing the quality craftsmanship of handmade men’s jeans. Bulk production allows more people to have access to popular clothing at accessible prices. Our boutique, however, was created to focus on supplying Australia with top-quality handmade menswear from our online store.

We’ll get to know you so that we can make the best recommendations for handmade men’s denim jeans, apparel, and other accessories based on your lifestyle and tastes. When you shop handmade menswear from our online store, you beat the costs of international shipping while ensuring that you are selecting a product that was specifically researched for craftsmanship, quality, and production process.

Americana Handmade Menswear Available in Australia

Avoid the expensive luggage and duty costs associated with bringing the handmade men’s denim jeans you got on holiday through your luggage. URBAN LUPE carries the finest names in handmade menswear for Australia’s stylish men. Don’t settle for off-the-rack brands, dress to impress with leading USA brands such as Tellason, based in the home of denim jeans, San Francisco, Railcar Fine goods known for their lightweight handmade men’s jeans in selvedge and canvas, and the ever-popular Rogue Territory, all in various styles.

Velva Sheen pocket-tees and sweat-shirts work in any weather while providing long-lasting durability decreasing the frequency with which you need new shirts. Helm Boots feature a signature replaceable midsole allowing you to continue loving the comfort of your boot instead of breaking in a new pair. Complement your look with premium accessories from Bradley Mountain and Native Sand both excellent leather working companies. At URBAN LUPE, you get a top-quality look from head to toe; start with handmade men’s denim jeans and create a look that fits your personality.



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