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There is nothing better than a beautiful, handmade leather bag. Whether you are using it for work, travel, or otherwise, every guy should have one. However, leather men’s bags are not always easy to find if you’re in Australia. Some of the best bags available come from the USA and many stores in Melbourne and the rest of the country do not offer brands from America. Finding a high-quality, boutique store that sells leather goods can be a challenge. That is why we established URBAN LUPE.

Back in 2016, we decided that Melbourne, and all of Australia, needed a boutique store that specialised in men’s fashion including leather goods, denim jeans, shirts, and jackets. Our mission since then has been to bring Australia the finest, handmade goods from brands throughout the USA. We seek out premium, American brands that manufacture their products in the USA and not overseas. This way, we can ensure that the products we are bringing back to Australia are of the highest quality and not mass-produced using cheap materials.

We Sell Our Leather Men’s Bags in Melbourne

Thanks to our connections with brands in the USA, we can offer leather bags from Native Sand and Bradley Mountain, makers of some of the finest leather goods in America. These relationships took time to cultivate, but it has been worth it to bring these goods to you, the consumer, in Australia. We take the business of fashion extremely seriously, hence why we take the time to choose the products we sell.

If you’re looking for leather men’s bags in Australia, we are your best bet. We sell the best-quality goods that the USA offers, while also providing a fun, stress-free shopping experience. If you reside in Melbourne, or the Melbourne-adjacent areas, coming to our brick-and-mortar store is a must. Come and check out our leather bag selection, discover new styles, and even get a haircut from our experienced barber. That’s right; we have an in-house barber shop that will help you look good from head to toe.

Our Entire Selection is Available Online, Too

Perhaps, you’re not even close to Melbourne. Maybe, you’re just a busy person who doesn’t have time in the day to shop at a store. That is no problem as we sell our entire catalogue of products online on our website. Whether you are looking for leather men’s bags online, denim jeans, or jackets, you’ll be able to order them from us.

Our passion is fashion, and we think that our selection of products and brands makes that point clear. Leather goods, clothing, and accessories are all vital parts of your look and style, and we want to give you the highest-quality options to help put that look together.

When you are ready to shop, be it in our store or online, get in touch with us. We are here to help you get the look you have always wanted. To contact us, call us on 03 8596 7478 with any questions or thoughts you may have.



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