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Shopping should be fun, not a chore. You shouldn’t have to spend your entire day running around various stores looking for a specific item or two. You should be able to get just what you want and get it at the highest-quality in a stress-free environment, including boutique fashion clothing and goods that you won’t find at your regular department store. If you are looking for men’s canvas duffle bags – or leather bags, for that matter – your best bet is to check out the selection we offer at URBAN LUPE.

Our store, established in late 2016, offers a wide selection of handcrafted, boutique products that come from the USA. We have some of the best men’s leather duffle bags that you will find in Australia, and we offer our entire selection of products online. Whether you are near our Melbourne location or simply want to shop online, you will have a hassle-free experience when you shop with us.

Buying Our Men’s Canvas Duffle Bags Online

With duffle bags, both canvas and leather, available from USA brands including Bradley Mountain and Native Sand, you have a lot of high-quality options to choose from. For those unfamiliar, both brands make all their products in the USA. Bradley Mountain, located in San Diego, is a purveyor of handcrafted, wax canvas duffle bags, backpacks, and small leather goods. Native Sand is based in Melbourne, Florida and offers small leather goods that are locally sourced and beautifully made. We work closely with each of these brands to bring the best available products to our customers in Australia. Our goal has always been to provide our consumers with the best quality styles that we can find.

If you are looking for men’s leather duffle bags online, browse our selection as well as everything else that we offer online.

Shop Less, Shop Better

URBAN LUPE’s motto is “ageing with quality,” meaning that the products we offer must stand the test of time. We avoid mass-produced items made from low-grade materials because we do not want to sell you cheap goods that will not last long. Our products are meant to be worn and used a lot, which is why we refuse to sell you anything less than the best. Whether you are buying a canvas or leather bag, a new pair of jeans, or something else, we want you to leave our store or website knowing that you have found products that are of the highest quality. We want you to be able to shop better, while also shopping less. You’ll do both when you shop with us.



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