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You’re a rugged man who leads a busy life on the road with your crew of tradespeople. You need durable, high-quality clothes that can withstand your lifestyle because your team doesn’t have time to shop every couple of weeks for replacement articles. Our speedy order and shipment processing means you’ll have men’s denim jackets for your whole crew within days of your request.

URBAN LUPE Get Quality Menswear from Anywhere

Driven by our passion for high-quality craftsmanship and American fashion, URBAN LUPE opened our doors in 2016, and we dedicate ourselves to bringing premium men’s denim clothing once only available online through international distributors to Australia’s apparel market. We have researched the textile and manufacturing market to bring you the finest men’s denim shirts available at our online domestic store. Using our online store has allowed you, and business professionals like yourself, to shop our quality inventory of men’s denim jackets online from the office, the worksite, or the comfort of your home without losing valuable time with in-person purchasing. Shopping domestically with URBAN LUPE not only cuts down on shipping costs, you know you are getting a quality product that withstands an active lifestyle.

High-Quality Men’s Denim Clothing Online at URBAN LUPE

We carry a limited selection of brands of whom we do business with based on their textile usage and production standards. While most of our product line comes from handmade producers in the USA, we also support local Australian businesses in line with our style and product standards. Our research and testing has led us to favour Japanese Selvedge denim for its durability and comfort and proudly carry Tellason, Rogue Territory, and Railcar Fine Goods. We stock these designer denim brands in various fits and sizes to accommodate all body types and style preferences. Did you know that most people do not care for their denim correctly? Be sure to see our section on denim care when you order online to ensure the maximum lifespan of your clothing.

Our quality standards mean that we only provide premium men’s denim shirts online and in-store that are made of durable fibres and thus proudly feature Velma Sheen shirts and sweatshirts. Helm boots have become a favourite for their signature repairable midsole which, on top of the premium quality design, further extends the longevity of the shoe. Accent any of the men’s denim jackets available online with leather and canvas accessories from Bradley Mountain and Native Sands.



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