Mens Japanese Selvedge Denim Jeans - Australia

Where to Find Made In the USA Selvedge Denim Jeans Locally in Australia

Whether you are a fashion-forward individual or are simply in the market for some better-quality jeans, your best bet is to jump on the Japanese selvedge denim bandwagon. These are not your everyday, run-of-the-mill Levi’s jeans. Men’s selvedge jeans are much more reminiscent of the denim jeans that men would wear before the 1950s. These jeans are crafted from raw, selvedge denim and are more durable, hence why they were used as workwear before they became popular and mass-produced. What exactly does “selvedge” mean, you may be wondering.

Selvedge denim is essentially denim that’s made on shuttle looms that produce tightly woven fabric strips with edges that come finished with woven bands down each side. These bands prevent fraying and curling of the woven material, resulting in a higher-quality, longer-lasting piece of denim. Selvedge jeans are made entirely of this selvedge denim. After decades of settling for the mass-produced, pre-washed jeans that you can find in any department store, the Japanese denim jeans trend has come back around, and selvedge jeans in Australia are sought after by many. These jeans are not always easy to find, Especially that made in a modern fit with pure handcraft premium denim for men. If you are looking for locally available selvedge denim jeans in Australia, look no further than URBAN LUPE.

URBAN LUPE Carries Premium American Made Denim in Australia

When our store and online shop opened in November 2016, we had one goal in mind: to offer our Australian consumers quality denim garments, leather goods, and other items that are handmade in the USA. We want our customers to buy quality over quantity, hence our focus on top-notch products as opposed to mass-produced, lower-grade products. Modern designs, premium quality, and handmade: those are the stipulations for the products that we source from the United States. You won’t find a selection like ours at most places in Australia.

We offer selvedge jeans from brands located throughout the USA, including Rogue Territory, Railcar Fine Goods, and Tellason. Each of these brands creates Japanese denim jeans that are of the highest quality.

We Want You to Look Good from Head-to-Toe

We opened the doors to our stores last year, establishing our business in Flemington’s shopping strip in Melbourne. Along with offering multiple denim styles from multiple brands, we also opened a barber shop where you can book appointments for haircuts and beard trims. For customers who care about looking nice, we wanted to make sure you could have a one-stop shop for making that happen. Not only that, but we wanted to create a space where you could feel comfortable, discover new styles, and simply relax. We do not want shopping at URBAN LUPE to be a chore for you.

When you are ready to discover or add to your style, check us out in-store or online. You can also book a barber appointment for after you buy those new selvedge jeans you have been seeking. Call us on 0430 793 666 for more information.



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