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Trendy Waxed Canvas Men’s Bags in Melbourne Australia or Online

What happened to high-quality backpacks and totes that last for years, can withstand the weight strain of regular use, and don’t fall apart? Ever since these bags became trendy accessories, their functionality has decreased. The increase in demand has pushed manufacturers to produce low-quality products using low-cost materials that degrade easily. Bradley Mountain has resisted this trend towards easy mass-production and has become known for their waxed canvas men’s bags in Australia.

Men, just as much as women, need a safe place to carry their items. Bradley Mountain’s wide range of waxed canvas men’s bags available at URBAN LUPE pair the durability of canvas with rugged style fit for indoor or outdoor use. Our boutique brings authentic American products, including Bradley Mountain’s waxed canvas men’s bags to our Melbourne community. At URBAN LUPE, we have combed the market looking for the highest quality waxed canvas men’s bags to sell online.

URBAN LUPE: Longevity through High Quality Standards

Canvas bags are popular because of the strength of their fibres. Waxed canvas men’s bags, now online, couple strength with the added protection of waxed water resistance. Waxed canvas men’s bags are perfect for Australia because their versatility is stylish enough for the workday but strong enough for the wet weather.

Handmade craftsmanship, standard at URBAN LUPE, produces premium-quality bags suitable for long-lasting regular use. We are committed to the notion that when you buy quality the first time, you’ll buy less over overall. As a quality standard, we seek out products that allow you to get the wear you deserve while simultaneously reducing the amount of waste you contribute to the environment and supporting the skilled trade of handcrafted clothing production.

More than Waxed Canvas Bags at Urban LUPE

If you’re going to pack your belongings in Bradley Mountain’s high-quality waxed canvas bags from Australia’s URBAN LUPE, you should be just as kind to your body. In addition to waxed canvas bags, our Melbourne establishment features canvas and leather accessories and a full wardrobe of primarily American-sourced handmade apparel. Visit our friendly boutique where we host an in-house barber and where our friendly staff is happy to chat with you about your personal tastes. We’re always excited to point our customers in the direction of premium-quality clothing that accentuates your tastes and lifestyle. In addition to waxed canvas bags now available online, we focus our efforts on handmade menswear with an Americana flare sourced from the highest quality textiles.

After extensive research and product sampling, we proudly feature Japanese Selvedge denim for its durability and comfort and partner with Tellason, Railcar Fine Goods, and Rogue Territory for their many styles and fits of jeans, shirts, and jackets. Find the Velma Sheen pocket tee that is right for you and match your new outfit with Helm Boots known for their signature replaceable midsole. Start with a waxed canvas bag, move on to discover long-lasting quality clothing that transforms your entire wardrobe.



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