Helm Boots- Garza Copper
Helm Boots- Garza Copper
Helm Boots

Helm Boots- Garza Copper

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Named for Elaine Garza of Giant Noise, this is a new take on the Chukka boot. With influences from sneaker styles, the Garza’s white laces and HELM White Raptor sole set it apart from the everyday Chukka while giving it added comfort, support and grip. This lightweight boot will be unique to each wearer as the rough-out upper ages and forms to each individual foot, while retaining its quality by being durable and water resistant.

  • Water resistant CF Stead leather upper
  • Fully lined calfskin
  • HELM signature white midsole
  • Durable HELM branded rubber Meramec Raptor sole

Notes From the Designer:

With this boot, I wanted to blend a classic chukka with a copper, rust like color that I had yet to see in this style. I also wanted to make it have a slightly more modern feel with the malt Raptor sole, while keeping the HELM white midsole so it pops with a more athletic sneaker influence. The intent is for it to feel more like a more modernized American classic meets a Euro sneaker.



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