How to get the right size of your denim

How to get the right size of your denim

As a denimhead, we all know that different denim brand measure their denim jeans in different ways. As one of denim special boutique in Melbourne, we would like to make it easier for you when adding their denims into your closet, please see below pictures for the way to do the measurement.

The waist


Front rise

Back rise

Upper Thigh


Leg opening


Please note, to accurate the measurement for raw denim, please measure on a pair of new raw denim as the fabric of raw denim can be stretched after worn, so if you measure on a pair of used raw denim, the measurement may larger than your actual size. 

Also please be aware if the denim you are purchasing is sanforized or unsanforized, as the stretching on the fabric is different. The brands we are carrying at this stage, all their raw selvedge denim are sanforized, which means the fabric has been pre-shrinked with minimum stretching on the fabric after worn, but it still can be stretched up to 1", if this is too much for you, please give a bit more room on the size when doing measurement so you can get the right pair of new denim.

Thank you