Uncle Rocco's

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About the Brand

Uncle Rocco’s is an old school barbershop in the industrial area of Port Melbourne. The shop specialises in classic & timeless cuts that last a lifetime.

Uncle Rocco’s was born out of Fabian Sfameni’s own personal history of barbering in Melbourne and abroad for the last 25 years. Being a third generation barber and having started and run three of his own shops in Melbourne since 1996, Fab has honed and developed his own personal style and skills over the years. Fab’s experience and passion for barbering has inspired him to provide his clients with the highest standards, steeped in tradition for men looking to be well groomed and stylish, with special attention to quality and personalised customer service. With the desire to expand this passion beyond barbering to men’s grooming and other style conscience products, the brand Uncle Rocco’s was born. The name is taken from Fab’s third and current shop, established in Port Melbourne in 2012, which is aptly named after his Uncle Rocco in New Jersey, who was also a barber for more than 50yrs.



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