How to wash your Denim

How to wash your Denim

Hello guys, in this episode of our blog post, we will show you how to wash your Raw Selvedge Denim. Photos are provide by our in-store barber (sorry, he is not for sale) who is also a traditional Japanese denim lover.

Firstly, the things you need are, a pair of raw selvedge denim, which has been worn for at least 3 months, in the picture is a pair of RGT 15oz Stanton. Then is the Fine Fabric Care product (we are using APC x Aesop that I purchased 2 years ago), cooking salt (or any salt you can find), and a dust roller.

Before start to wash your denim, please use dust roller carefully to clean dusts on the outside of you denim, be gentle on the outside as the sticker may get more indigo color off your denim, this is just helping to get rid off the dust from your denim.

Then use the roller to clean the inside of your denim.

after cleaning the denim, apply salt to whispering and honey combs, gently rubbing the area. This stage is really depends on personal preference, if you prefer more seeable fade of whispering and honey combs, the salt will help to get more result out from the fade.


when apply salt to your honey combs area, make sure apply it at higher area not at low area, see as the picture with point.

After the above process, please fill cold water into tube with half tea spoon of fine fabric care product, the water just need to over your denim, we don't need full tube of water as we don't want to waste it.

Put your denim into tube, gently hand wash, do spot clean on dirty area, then get rid off salts and bubbles

After hand wash, leave denim in the tube for soaking about 2 hours like the picture showing below

During this time, please enjoy your coffee, get a smoke or do whatever your bad hobbit is.

After soaking, rinse your denim with cold water to make sure it is clean.

Last, hang dry your denim with inside out 

Tip, when hang dry, make sure you get space to help air flew in your denim like the picture below.

Now the wash part is done, after wash make sure you iron the denim to stretch the fabric a little bit so it is not too hard for you to put them on.

And now it is all done for the wash. Cheers guys, have a good day.