Limited edition of Bata Bullets x Uncle Rocco's denim sneakers

Limited edition of Bata Bullets x Uncle Rocco's denim sneakers

In this blog post, we will show you the limited edition of selvedge denim sneaker that Bata Bullets collaborate with Uncle Rocco's, a traditional Melbourne local barbershop.

The Bate Bullets x Uncle Rocco's sneaker was designed in Melbourne locally, and made in China, the sneaker is still support with canvas fabric, but covered with 13.5oz Japanese selvedge denim fabric outside, the denim fabric is with 3x1 right hand twill texture, the weft yarns of the fabric have a light beige tint to create a slightly aged look, the specialty of the design is at the back of the heal support is using tradition red selvedge ID that shows this is a pair of selvedge denim sneakers. However, the main thing with using selvedge denim is the fade, different with wearing selvedge denim jeans or jacket that shows honey combs, the sneaker will give a totally different fading texture either from the way by your walking, running, or even standing, the fade will shows more of your unique personality and your daily hobbit of your activities. So avoid of wearing your whites colour pants if you don't want the indigo colour transfer on.

The red lace hole is the symbol identity of Uncle Rocco's barbershop

Also inside the snakers

The thing for me is this is made double denim even easier in summer time.

Red selvedge ID located at the back of heal support.

This is it, the perfect denim sneaker for your denim/shoes collection. 

*little tip, if you are wearing US 10 in Converse or Vans, do US 11 in Bata Bullets x Uncle Rocco's, other sizes are true to sizes.