RGT-Rogue Territory dark indigo infantry pants

RGT-Rogue Territory dark indigo infantry pants

Jeans are absolutely my favourite item for everyday wearing, but wearing the same thing all the time can get board so I wear pants or trousers on some days to give my jeans some breaks, and it will make me look a little bit different on the outfits. I have very small selections on trousers, normally if I am not wearing jeans, you will see me wearing the olive fatigues with a denim jacket or whatever the top I feel like to wear on that day. This time, I just picked up another favourite item, it is not a jean, it is not fatigue pants, it is a very simple clean but also full of details pants, the RGT infantry pants.

This is RGT's new fit in their pants collection, the infantry pants made from a mid-weight 13.5oz dark indigo denim fabric, it is not a selvedge fabric, but the quality and premium level is in the same scale zoon. A dark indigo fabric means it has indigo warp, black weft, in this woven fabric, it will present electronic blue colours on the fade,  if you see RGT dark indigo supply jacket fades, it will give you a better idea on how it looks after aged. 

The RGT infantry pants are designed in hard taper fit with mid-high waist compare to RGT officer trousers or their Stanton Sk jeans, but roomy around thigh then tapered down from the knees with a similar leg opening of SK. With the pant itself, the surface is super clean, the dark indigo colour makes the pants are so easy to be dressed up or dressed down. 

I have been wearing mine for many weeks, and I really love the results are popping up. In the pictures, I am wearing a size 29 with 30" inseam length. If you like the fit on me, go with the same size on your RGT jeans size.

We have the Infantry pants available in-store and online in limited quantity, click here scoop one.