Rogue Territory began as a custom denim workshop working out of American Rag in L.A. Stopping bespoke in 2009, RGT shifted its focus to ready to wear whilst striving to match the high quality of their bespoke product. Sourcing larger quantities of quality selvedge from Japan and securing manufacturers in California were integral to the shift towards a mass-market product.

Taking its cues from the skater and surfer subcultures of California, RGT's designs are simple and utilitarian, with a focus on hard-wearing fabrics that age beautifully. 

Today, Rogue Territory is a global brand focused on handcrafted, high-quality denim goods, created for a discerning customer who appreciates subtle design details, impeccable fit, and a modern interpretation of classic garments. 

Proudly made in Los Angeles, Calif.



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